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  1. Jfet liked gizmo's post in the thread A couple of panhandle deer.

    Well I rarely get to hunt myself but last week thanks to some fellow AH’rs who were hunting bison, pigs, and does with me I got to pull...

    420B3B87-6E2D-47EB-99F8-52182658E277.jpeg 1E861471-6B80-4844-9DEA-3CAF447C9542.jpeg F96F9729-15B9-48DA-8CBB-5091D1D19819.jpeg DD838CCA-3FC4-4A49-A26B-0A4D370AF8C4.jpeg Nov 30, 2019
  2. Jfet liked gizmo's post in the thread Rockin G Ranch New lodge construction.

    Well folks, I’ve been super busy so I have been a bit quiet for a while. I’m sure some have been pleased about that :LOL:. In the midst...

    529391BD-2902-47BC-ADEB-63EC5FA6E0E8.jpeg 2AA839A4-0B5D-4302-A0FE-863F9533247E.jpeg 83AC7DD0-CF85-4929-9231-A5C814236BB2.jpeg 33301570-8AC3-4000-B36F-94071E5C5D19.jpeg BD416928-1C32-49F2-A993-42E663CFBF6D.jpeg Nov 30, 2019
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