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  • I am alive and trying to find some hard-to-find reloading dies in .475 #2 (not Jeffreys)
    cal pappas
    cal pappas
    I have a partial set, along with bullets and brass. Have a sizer die, trim die, forming die. I don't have a seater die but one can easily be made by tapping the hole in the form die and screwign in a seater plug.
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KAROO WILD Safaris wrote on AHAssistant's profile.
Hi Susan

I've rejoined Ah after a year break. Jerome has helped me re: set up my signature and banner. In my absence, I see there's a new resources page. How do I go about building a page and adding client reviews to it. I see a lot of other outfitters have got a text section, followed by pics and videos, and lastly some reviews. I'd like to do something similar.

Thanks for your help

Victor Watson

We believe that a hunter's experience should be cherished, and so we offer a service that honours those unique and special memories and equips you to tell your adventure story. Every part of your journey with us, from communication to craftsmanship is carefully considered in order to create an experience worth remembering.
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Rare Breed wrote on USMA84DAB's profile.
Doc attached.
elkhunter77 wrote on Mark Biggerstaff's profile.
Yes, I am interested in some A Frames to load, if they are the 300 grain or other that will work for Cape Buff. I need enough to work up a load and sight in, then carry over there
KKovar wrote on AfricaHunting.com's profile.
Wow, great response regarding the title of a thread and an amazing site.