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    Hunting Buffalo in the Luangwa Valley

    Ibie, one thing I learned while adventuring along the Luangwa River was to negotiate with fishermen for mokoro use before killing a croc or hippo In the river. It got more expensive after the shooting. Kindest Regards and thanks again for the excellent story
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    Hunting Buffalo in the Luangwa Valley

    Your Luangwa River Valley comments bring back wonderful memories. I first journeyed there in 1980. My first adventure there was 30 days hunting , and over the next three years I eventually spent 100 days actually on the ground hunting all over Zambia. Needless to say I loved it and the...
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    Help Shooting Off Sticks

    As as been often mentioned, do a lot of dry firing on sticks at home, focus on trigger pull and follow through. If the crosshairs are jumping slightly keep at it until they do not. When you first get to campi have a discussion with PH on how you are used to having sticks set up. Do not wait...
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    on a lighter note...

    Love at first sight
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    Hunting Buffalo in South Africa vs everywhere else

    I have successfully hunted buffalo all over the African continent. Luckily for the hunter, buff are well scattered. i enjoy the Caprivi. One night in the eastern portion a herd of bufflo were pushed through camp by a lion pride and the tent grounds smelled like a Midwest stockyard the next...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    At the risk of being repetitious here are a few considerations wearing watches hunting in fourth world countries. I do not wear one that glitters in sharp sunlight, do not wear one without a cover if it glows strongly in darkness. A chap riding in a cab in slow traffic in Bangui with is elbow...
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    GLOBAL rescue - Worldwide Emergency Evacuation & Field Rescue, Anytime Anywhere

    You think it cannot happen to you, but it can. Decades ago i was mauled by a leopard I luckily had a good doctor but getting home was arduous. Another safari I had a stomach blockage and almost died because the two doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. A nurse saved my life...
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    Good article on the .450 Ackley

    Here is my 450 Ackley it has taken several elephant and several buffalo. I love it
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    Why is Tanzania so expensive to hunt and is it worth it?

    When it is necessary to chase wildlife off a remote bumpy, dirt strip to land your small charter plane in the middle of nowhere then drive a distance to a tented camp you may be in Tanzania. Or drive ten hours to the same camp. Africa is a huge continent. I have been lucky to have hunted...
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    Why is Tanzania so expensive to hunt and is it worth it?

    So would that be Siku Moja in Kiswahili?
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    Dangerous Game Follow Up - Client and Professional Hunter roles?

    If I happen to be hunting with a new PH, before hunting starts and while relaxing in camp I have a friendly discussion on hunting procedures we will be using including shooting, follow up shots, verbal instructions, personal habits, and so forth. Waiting until something exciting is happening...
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    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    Good work Phillip Glass. this is an enjoyable helpful post. I have for decades spent a lot of safari time in Fly country. Tsetse fly, the most vicious animal in Africa. Some times the best hunting is located in Fly habitat because livestock and people do not get along well with the fly. I...
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    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    A couple of items that will get used on any trip. For an African safari, I leave home the fancy custom huntng knife and take a Leatherman tool. You will use the pliers more than the blade, take a backpacker role of ductape, always have ductape. I keep a head net on my belt, it stuffs into a...