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    Annealing Made Perfect Induction Annealing Machine

    When the price comes down to somthing reasonable like $350, if it ever does, then I'd consider getting one. Meanwhile, my butane torch annealer works just fine.
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    Shotgun Cleaning?

    Well, if they do touch the bore, they will cause a problem if you do it enough. That's why special care has to be taken if you handload steel shot.
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    Shotgun Cleaning?

    The mild steel pellets are NOT supposed to touch the bore; that's what the wad is for.
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    Nickel Plated Brass?!?!?!?

    Nickel brass not only looks cool, if you're carrying it around in a leather cartridge holder, it's also more resistant to tarnishing.
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    Shooting sticks

    These are shooting sticks I made and use on those nice summer days when I'm sitting on my chair looking over "the back 50" sniping raccoons, etc. Two reasonably straight willow branches, some paracord to tie them together and a little gaffers tape for padding and you have very functional...
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    QR rings loosen when fired?

    And I use them on a 460 Weatherby Magnum with no loosening problems.
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    Would you use single shot for Dangerous Game?

    The was a little sarcasm in my post above. From reading on various forums and from some of the dangerous game hunting shows I've watched, it would seem that it's not uncommon for the PH to want to "collaborate" and even shoot at the same time as the client. Of course the PH says the client's...
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    Would you use single shot for Dangerous Game?

    Why not? The PH is probably going to shoot it anyway (i.e., collaborate, help, etc.).
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    Hiking Rifle cartridges

    And then the Encore in 375 H&H Magnum. Light, easy to carry all day and a heavy hitter. Or you can go even lighter. Another Encore in 375 H&H Magnum.
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    Copper fouling on my new M70

    I tried Remington's bore cleaner once; it's terrible stuff. Hoppes also isn't that good. I'm also skeptical about using products where the recommendation is to not leave it in the barrel too long. I've gone to using Wipe Out and rarely use a brush. You can leave Wipe Out in a barrel as long...
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    The .308 Win for plains game

    At least when I hunted with him Marius used a 308 Winchester. He declined my offer to let try my 444 Marlin handgun and 300 Weatherby rifle.