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    Recommendations for the best air rifle?

    I have an Air Arms .22 PCP rifle. It will shoot 1/2 moa @ 50 m with my Leupold rimfire scope. I get about 50 shots off of a charge from a 20 l cylinder. They have really good triggers and accuracy that will compete with your centre fire rifles at shorter ranges (up to 50 m).
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    Does an all round TSX or TTSX exist?

    Ha Ha, yes I could load it hotter but it works perfectly as is. Might lose a chrony competition on the interwebs but that’s okay!
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    Does an all round TSX or TTSX exist?

    I hunt everything with a TSX 270 gr. Hand loads with Varget give me 2611 FPS with 4087 ftlbs energy. They are very accurate in my CZ 550 and recoil is very manageable for a quick second shot. The 270 gr TSX expands perfectly at these velocities (Limpopo hunting so inside 200 m) and does very...
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    Which is the best game meat?

    We tried to eat a hippo that we shot after it had killed an employee and the operative word is “tried”. It was tough and pungent. My favorites are Eland, kudu and hartebeest.
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    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    .308 but only because I have one and it works so well in the bush. 150 gr TSX at 2600 FPS is great medicine for Wildebeest and kudu. If I owned a 30-06 it would probably be that!
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    Another useless survey- which three rifles for you?

    #4 is close to what I chose in actuality. I have a CZ550 in .375 and .308 and a Mauser in .22. So #4!
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    Vortex or Leupold for 375 H&H

    Leupold VX6 1-6 on my .375 H&H CZ550. Great scope, if something happened to it I would buy another exactly the same. 6 X is more than enough for bushveld hunting.
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    Considerations for rifle selection you should consider for hunting/SHTF rifle

    Dooms day prepping is fun! I have CZ rifles in .308, .375, a 5.56 semi, a variety of 9mm handguns and enough reloading gear to keep it all fed.
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    Compare Recoil

    I have shot a .458 express and .458 Lott in addition to my .375 H&H. All of them were big guns, CZ 550 with American stocks and although the .458 recoiled more than the .375 I experience them to be very similar. A hard, slow push that rocks me back with no pain. My short barrel Ruger #1 in 7mm...
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    Lightweight Mono Metal Bullets For Buffalo

    I use 270 gr TSX out of my .375 @ 2500 FPS for everything from impala to eland. Always had textbook performance at Bushveld distances, 50 - 150 m. Very good penetration and expansion on Wildebeest and eland at those ranges. I have never hunted buffalo but will use the 270 TSX when I do.
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    M70 Safari Express 458 Win Mag vs CZ550 458 Lott

    I glass bedded both of my CZ 550 rifles when I had them free floated. Made no difference to my .375 accuracy, which was already moa, but a really big improvement on the .308. I would do it were I you.
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    CZ 550 Safari Magnum 300 Win Mag?

    Definitely a feed ramp problem with larger calibers. Easy to fix though, as I did with my .375 H&H.
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    CZ 550 Safari Magnum 300 Win Mag?

    I have a CZ 550 in .308 and a CZ .223 that worked flawlessly out the box. Extremely accurate and reliable. My CZ 550 in .375 had feeding problems which a bit of polishing solved. How many CZ rifles have you owned and struggled with?
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    45-70 Performance

    Sectional Density = Bullet Weight (Grains) divided by 7000 (grains in a pound) then divided by squared diameter. This is the only math that matters in sectional density. The heavier the bullet the greater the sectional density for a given diameter. Length only comes into play because heavier...
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    My calibers for hunting in Africa

    Only if I couldn’t get closer than 500 m!