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    To Camo or not to Camo

    I am NOT a fan of camo - too over advertised. I hunt Africa like I hunt here - tans and greens depending on the area I am hunting in.
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    Shooting sticks, 2 or 3 legs?

    Another BIG pro to the 3 leg: you can hand gea from it after the shoot. Seriously, it’s quite handy keeping expensive stuff out of the dirt!
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    Shooting sticks, 2 or 3 legs?

    I have used both on 2 trips to Africa. I prefer 3 leg, BUT, most important thing is try both before you go and PRACTICE!
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    Safari/Hunt Clothing Recommendations

    I’m primarily in the states an upland bird hunter. I have been to Africa 2 times and brought khaki colored shirts and pants, similar to what I use in the states in mid fall. Be prepared to shed layers and it can be cool in the early morning. The lodges I stayed in didn’t have heat, but they...
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    Shoes and boots? I need help!

    I bought a pair of Meindl Perfekt Walkers at Cabelas in the bargain bin 6 years ago. Took them to Africa for a month in 2015. Worked fantastic. Bought a pair of their Light Hikers to take in 2017. All day comfort, great support, zero issues, held up well to the thorns. Light but very tough...
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    Russell or Courteney - Safari Boots...

    I have used Meindl boots on 2 safaris. I also wear them most days at work. On my feet about 1/2 a day and walk 2-5 miles every day. I got them at Cabelas. Super comfy, high quality, long lasting. $200....
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    Help with Scope choice for Dangerous Game rifle

    I have owned both and sell both. personally, I prefer the Trijicon. I am just not a fan of the CDS system. Two reasons: a. it’s totally not needed on a low power scope intended for short range, and b. I’m a simple man; I detest complex stuff in the field or gear that needs (in this case) an...
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    The .22 Hornet in Africa?

    In the US I have shot alot of smaller critters with my CZ. It's actually my most favorite rifle - SUPER ACCURATE & VERY FUN to shoot!
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    Plains Game rifle choice... Am I crazy???

    Listen to your PH... It's what you are paying him for.
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    Kenetrek, Meindle or Lathrop and Sons hunting boots

    I have used Meindl's 2x in Africa and wear them almost daily at work - LOVE THEM!
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    One case for two rifles, or two single rifle cases?

    I have used (domestically & internationally) the Tuffpak case. BIG advantage: It weighs little. Most gun cases themselves weigh a lot and are pretty bulky AND they scream: "GUN INSIDE". The model 1050 is the best for guns. Easily holds 2 rifles and LOTS of extra gear. Check the website &...
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    Hello from Romania

    Welcome to AH! I have been to Romania 3 times and looking forward to visiting again!
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    .22 WMR lever or pump?

    Get a Win 94/22. If you want to be really cool, ge tthe Trapper version!!!