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  1. curtism1234 posted a new thread.

    Don't waste your time buying sale items from Cabelas / BP

    I share this because it will happen to you. I spent 90 minutes trying to online order a rifle from cabelas bargain cave. Rifle shows...

    Forum: General Chat

    Jul 12, 2020 at 1:10 PM
  2. curtism1234 liked Bob Nelson 35Whelen's post in the thread Rifle for Plains game.

    @Mark D The only problem I find with those fancy scopes is by the time I pick the magnification I want then focus the parralax the...

    Jul 10, 2020 at 12:09 PM
  3. curtism1234 replied to the thread SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?.

    Sounds like the company is reputable. Just because it is "free", doesn't mean you have to choose them though...

    Jul 10, 2020 at 12:06 PM
  4. curtism1234 replied to the thread How's everyone's summer shooting?.

    I have a crossbow so I just shoot a couple shots right before hunting to make sure it's still on (y):D

    Jul 9, 2020 at 1:17 PM
  5. curtism1234 replied to the thread Photo add on to a Safari.

    What would say are the odds of a decent photo opportunity on lion and leopard on say a 2 day stay?

    Jul 8, 2020 at 12:26 PM
  6. curtism1234 replied to the thread In memoriam - RIP simple man - Charlie Daniels.

    I dislike his devisive politics, but I have always liked his music. Wolley Swamp was always my favorite

    Jul 7, 2020 at 6:14 PM
  7. curtism1234 replied to the thread Recommended Binocular Carry Methods.

    I use a more compact pair something like 8x32. Single strap around the neck /shoulder and tucked under opposite arm. It slides right...

    Jul 5, 2020
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