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  • Charles,
    T Y for the reply! I had never posted on AH before. I had no idea what I was doing! As far as the hunt in Colorado is concerned, I am definitely going with a guide. I just have no idea which one. I almost booked a hunt and decided to do a little digging. I found several negative reviews of the outfitter chosen. I don't mind being unsuccessful but want a reasonable chance. Any help would be appreciated!
    Charles de Ribeau
    @$%@#$% I just wrote a long message and when I tried to send it, the system told me that I was limited to 420 characters. Give me an email address and I'll send to that. Be careful. On the forums, we aren't allowed to post URLs - not sure about email addresses. Just give me an email address with "dot" in place of "."
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geoff rath wrote on sambarhunter's profile.
Sorry, tried to call you back, the private number caught me out, and I was driving when you rang. Alternative contact: email 17grunkl45@gmail.com.
Swim wrote on Bullthrower338's profile.
Hello Sir., is that deal to good to be true? Thoughts??
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
I have been looking at an option for a 505, that doesn't break the bank (that concern my have to yield), and is more in the 50-110, or 50 Alaskan range. However not easy to find a case, other than the Weatherby, of course. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
Hello, do you have any information on your 505 SRE cartridge. Up here in Canada, there is talk about how the various 500s may exceed the 10 000 Joule limit recently imposed. Not that they do on paper, but you never know what they may infer or claim.
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