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    WARNING to Hunters, Hunting Outfitters and Agents

    Hi Johnny7604, May I suggest that you disable the Email addresses in the above post to make sure an accident doesn't happen, Cheers for now Jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: CT-Safaris Goes the Extra Mile for the Client

    Hi Chris, I am glad that you find the words and thoughts of others touching as not all men would admit this to themselves let alone others. You are in an envious situation of making a living out of what you love to do and this shows by your actions. Each and every one of your clients both...

    SOUTH AFRICA: CT-Safaris Goes the Extra Mile for the Client

    Hi Everyone, I want to thank you all for the kind words and I am glad that you also appreciate the "Extra" mile that Chris went for a client. It is not often that this happens or in my case, never before and will give those additional memories of such a wonderful hunt. Although it was not...
  4. PHASA 3 Gold Medals

    PHASA 3 Gold Medals


    SOUTH AFRICA: CT-Safaris Goes the Extra Mile for the Client

    CT-Safaris Goes the Extra Mile for the Client Most people on this forum know that I went on my first and probably last South African Safari in mid August 2011 with Chris Troskie of CT Safaris and due to medical conditions I was hindered from the start and although I had warned Chris at the...

    Not happy with my trophies

    Hi, It's been a while, have you had any luck so far?? Cheers, Jeff Gray .:confusion:

    Limpopo Province South Africa - Super Deal with CT Safaris

    Hi Chris, That is terrific value even if you add another couple of trophies it is still very reasonable. I can not understand why it hasn't been "Snapped Up" already, if I didn't have to pay for my Taxidermy and Freight from last August I would be tempted for sure. All the best from...

    Chris Troskie Safaris Promo Video

    Hi Chris, This time it worked fine, it brings back a lot of good memories from August 2011. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again if God is good to me. As said many times in the video, you 'Assist' those who are not as agile as they would like to be, fantastic food and the...

    Chris Troskie Safaris Promo Video

    Hi Chris, It only runs for 33 seconds in Australia which is up until the 'Bolt' is closed. Cheers Mate, Jeff

    Qantas Grounds ALL Flights both International & Domestic IMMEDIATELY

    It has just come over the Channel 10 News ( Australia) Qantas is grounding ALL flights both International & Domestic IMMEDIATELY...... Good luck if you have booked Qantas.....:mad:

    Wanted First Edition "Shooting the British Double Rifle" by Graeme Wright 1996

    Does anyone know of a copy that is or might be for sale as I have looked in most book shops to no avail. Please help me, Cheers, Jeff Gray .:confused:

    CZ 550 Rifle Opinions?

    I purchased a second hand CZ550 in .375H&H that had shot a lot of game in Queensland and very accurate. I used this as my base for a Custom Rifle, had the barrel cut to 24" Recknagel Barrel Band, Front sight with Moon insert, Rear sight and Scope QD Bases in a Custom Made 1/4 Rib with All the...

    Annual Levergun Hunt hosted by CT Safaris

    Hi Chris, That is one very good deal, I wish that I had more dollars so that I could come back. Well, I can at least dream can't I..... Cheers Mate, Jeff

    Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10 x 40

    Hi Phil, The S&B are a truly magnificent scopes, I have a 1.1-4 x 24 Zenith with a FD7 reticule on the .375H&H and the 2.5-10 x 42 also a Zenith with the FD7 reticule on the 30.06 but both are in Recknagel QD Mounts and I have another set of rings for the .375H&H in anticipation of doing...

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Last Day Kudu

    Hi Paul, I'm glad you like them, the links have been removed, I didn't know that it was not allowed. Cheers for now, Jeff Gray