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    Unused Elephant Culling Belt Made From Buffalo & Elephant Leather Sized L-XXL

    Still for sale? What about P&P to the UK?
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    ZIMBABWE: Cape Buffalo Hunt At Gwaiy River Zimbabwe Pics & Story

    As someone who spent years on foot in the Gwayi, I greatly appreciate your hunt report - it brought back many memories. Thank you.
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    You flatter me! I am not and never have been a PH. I trained as a Learner Professional Hunter/Guide in Zimbabwe but never wrote my learner's. I just spent a couple of years working and living amongst Zimbabwe's hunting & guiding community. However I have never taken a trophy animal - so...
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    How to become a PH in Africa? you've got our attention...
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    Absolutely! We still have a home in Bulawayo and so try to spend a few weeks there every year (just to get our balance again), so we will be off again in July/august. Might even get some time in the bush - don't know about any hunting though - its getting a bit expensive (makes me appreciate...
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    How to become a PH in Africa?

    Martin - thanks for the clarification. After my experience in Zim I didn't realise that most countries were so mickey mouse!
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    Hi Guys! Lived and worked in the photographic & hunting safari business' in Zim; enviro & tourism in SA and even had a lil bit of a 4x4 business in Kenya. Now in the UK training to be a teacher. Really sad that the world is changing and the opportunities for adventure are diminishing at a...
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    How to become a PH in Africa?

    Most african countries are very protectionist of their safari/hunting industries. In SA you can do Pro Guides courses that'll have a dangerous animals / weapons element, but that does not make you a PH. You can also hunt on Private land at the owners behest, but that will not make you a PH...