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  • Richard remember you well! Returning to hunt with Ralph in August. Taking friends on their first hunt and Jeb on second. Hunted Zimbabwe in 2010 with Charlton McCallum Safaris and had a delightful trip, second Cape Buffalo, Tuskless Elephant and a Sable. Great company to hunt with, cannot praise highly enough. I don't know what I will hunt if anything. Just love Africa!
    Jeb is doing very well, 14 time All- American in Division II, broke National record in 200 backstroke at his Conference meet, 2 time National Champ in 200 back, on National Champ 400 medley relay and made Olympic Trials in 200 back. Has another year after this. University of Florida wanted him to return after his 1st year at Florida Southern but he declined. Should have a great NCAA Division II meet in Texas next month. Good luck on your trip, who are you hunting with? Great to hear from you!
    Hello Buck, Richard Dugger we met at Ko-Ka Tsara in August of 09. Shared camp for a couple days. How have you been, what hunting have you been doing lately? Leaving for my third trip in about twenty days. Eland, Zebra, Duiker, Mtn. Reedbuck on my list. Taking my youngest for his high school grad. He's going after Impala, Blue Wildebeest, and Zebra. We might get my wife Teresa, whom you met to take an Impala if we are lucky. Hope all is well with you. By the way how is your son's swimming career going?
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SkullKeeper wrote on neckdeep's profile.
Hey there - wondering if you have or know where I can get 416 Rigby die set and/or new brass ?
geoff rath wrote on sambarhunter's profile.
Sorry, tried to call you back, the private number caught me out, and I was driving when you rang.
Swim wrote on Bullthrower338's profile.
Hello Sir., is that deal to good to be true? Thoughts??
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
I have been looking at an option for a 505, that doesn't break the bank (that concern my have to yield), and is more in the 50-110, or 50 Alaskan range. However not easy to find a case, other than the Weatherby, of course. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
Hello, do you have any information on your 505 SRE cartridge. Up here in Canada, there is talk about how the various 500s may exceed the 10 000 Joule limit recently imposed. Not that they do on paper, but you never know what they may infer or claim.