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    Which caliber over .458

    Kynoch factory with a 570grn doing 2150fps will give you about 5900ftlbs. Last load test with the 500 jeff was a 600grn at 2300 something for about 7200 ish ftlbs , before i pulled up , that was 107grns of adi 2206h. Just remember the 500 nitro has been getting the job done for a long time in...
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    First little play with CEB Safari Raptors...

    Just replaced the decelerator pad with a kick eze , made a worthwhile improvement.
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    South Africa's ANC to change constitution to allow seizing land

    I've been working in SA for 12months now , and all still seems the same to me. Just the usual chaos in the papers. I'm in limpopo.
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    Scope on model 70

    G'day Ray , i have the win 70 in 416rem mag , it's fitted with leupold bases and quick detach rings , fitted with a leupold vx3 1.25-5 x 20. Have no worries with sight picture etc , same rifle as your 375 , i have not tried a larger scope but , i don't require it on the 416.
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    First little play with CEB Safari Raptors...

    I see your a territory lad , bought a 378 weatherby from up that way from a bloke round Katherine , awesome bit of kit.
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    First little play with CEB Safari Raptors...

    I'll be home in a couple of days , i can give you some more load info if you want it.
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    Australian AH Members Get Together..

    I'm in Cairns , but work in Sth Africa , 4 and 2 , so it'll be luck of the draw if i'm around. Interested though.
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    CAustin in Hospital

    Speedy recovery buddy
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    The old crf vs prf debate....

    She's a push.
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    First little play with CEB Safari Raptors...

    G'day Ben , i too have the sako 500 jeffery and have run 105grns of 2208 and 100grns of 2206H , all with a woodleigh 600 grn pp and fed 215 primers. I'm pretty sure i've gone higher , but without my little black book i'm not going to suggest it. All cases fell out and primers were fine. If your...
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    Hey How's things? and Gday from Oz

    Welcome Ant , surprised you wern't already here.
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    What do you expect in a african bush camp

    Decent camp stretcher , tarp over the top for rain and heavy dew , bit of hot water for a wash( do that with the campfire anyway). Bit of lighting , cold beer , decent tucker , some cleaning gear , good company and done.
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    Oh so the 30-06 enough?

    30/06 will be fine .
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    1st time trip to South Africa

    Welcome aboard , plenty of good blokes and info here.