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  • G'day Bob,
    Just had a yarn with A G, and he has filled me in on how much work he puts in to such developments, referencing QuikLoad, tightening tolerances, load development, range testing. He indicated that of you wish to contact him directly he can go into details far better than I.
    If you wish , contact him directly, he has given the OK for me to pass that on.
    Hi Bob, how's things going in Wyong?. Down your way a couple of years back but haven't been in NSW since Ebor for the fishing. just getting over some nasty storms up here in Qld, seeing the sun for the first time in a few days. I'm going to NZ in the spring and hope to clean up a few buns while there and perhaps shake the spiders out of my old .303LE (currently owned by my BIL). Cheers Brian
    Jeez!!! Not ANOTHER psych nurse!! I did about 12yrs at Graylands up until severely injured in 2013. What's your brother's name, and where did you and he work in Graylands?

    I'm toying with an opportunity to work/hunt 6mths in Africa, and return here, after the virus bans die down. Only stumbling block is convincing my wife to come with me. Decisions!! Decisions!!
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    My brothers name is Jim Nelson he was a psychologist nurse up until about 3 years ago finished up community psyc nurse.
    Mate I finished up in 83.but that's another story.
    You can call m e on 0427129011 for a yarn if you want
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Mare that's supposed to be psyc nurse or as we used to call it in the bad old days
    Looney bin screws.
    Hi Bob I am from Moranbah in Qld. I look forward to talking to you.
    PS Thanks for the interest.
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    Hello, thank you for the reply. Would you be able to send any photos, lodge, etc. That is most important for my wife.
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    I will see if my wife can do it this weekend for you mate. The first place we were at We had a family room for myself, wife and son. He could have had his own room tho. The second place we had a
    double bed in our room and the son had his own room. The lodging is excellent and the food brilliant. Monica is a great cook. How old are your kids mate.
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Could you send me your phone number and country code and I will call you. We are limited to 420 characters for a reply. It would be easier talking to you. My wife will also try to email you
    Cheers mate
    Bob Nelson
    I'm in USA, not sure the country code. My phone is 9704021271. If you wanted to, we could be friends on Facebook, and then call through the Facebook messenger. My email is
    Hello would you give a review of osombahe-nord? Thinking about going there with my wife and kids. What was the lodge like? Thanks.
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    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    If you are in Australia you can call me o 0427129011 or if not use the country code 61427129011 and txt me. If you want I can call you
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Tyson 426
    Mate take your family make memories you will never forget. Harald has top quality rifles for hire a good rates or take your own. We took a 35Whelan and a 308 with accubonds. In hindsight the 308was more than enough.
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    This was my first time in Namibia and if Osombahe Nord safaris run and owned by Harold and Liezel was an example of what was on offer my family feel you would have to go a long way to find a better run more friendly organisation than this.
    Hope this helps mate
    Bob Nelson
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I have a pile of never fired .35 Rem brass if you are interested. What quantity are you looking for?

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Hi Rob

Trust you are well,
It would be great if I could quote on a safari for you guys.

Please let me know if you are intereted to hunt with Game 4 Africa Safaris. We have many reviews and hunting reports on this forum if you would like to check us out.

Please let me know if you have any questions for me. We are based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Kind Regards
Wik Coetzee
Game 4 Africa Safaris
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Hey Cal. Would you consider $950 for the Win. Thanks.
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For me, last August, the people in the JNB wanted to see a paper document.
What covid passport app is best to use? U.s.a to Johannesburg?