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  • Hi Bearhunter
    I read that you went to Hartzview Safaris with Jacques . I would like to know how did you find this outfit to be.
    When I landed I had a very easy time on the way in - just make sure you collect your gun case just after the luggage carousel before you go to the firearms office.
    If you travel around the continent with your guns then make sure you take the stamped SAP520 form with you as you'll need it to fly. Also, when they stamp and complete your SAP520 form at the airport, check what they write as they got the date wrong on my form. Finally, take lots of copies of the documents, say 5 sets? If their photocopying machine is not working it becomes your problem. Maybe even take a pen and give it to them for a bit of good will. The process is simple, but the people are poorly trained, they are not interested, and they don't have enough resources. So you don't want to be relying on their phone, fax, copier or pen! If you need any sample documents you can email me at the office <>
    Hey Harold. Not sure if you have the info you need yet. Below is some info taken out of my previous post.... Half the documents you need you will have with you anyway, but here's what you will need:
    * a complete SAP520 form;
    * passport;
    * proof of ownership documents for your firearms (for us Aussies, that's a registration certificate);
    * export permit for your firearms & ammo out of Canada;
    * import permit for your firearms & ammo to get them back into Canada;
    * an invitation letter from your PH;
    * a motivation letter that you write stating:
    1. firearm/ammo and quantity
    2. hunting dates and details of flights in and out
    3. details of your outfitter;
    4. species you intend to hunt.

    See my second message also...
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