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    Got the CZ blues

    I am in agreement with you , i am of the view that the the CZ 550 comments that some are problematic is more related to the larger 500 calibers with regards to feeding issues , this shouldn’t be confused with purchases of CZ 550’s like myself who prefer to do some cosmetic and functional work...
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    Got the CZ blues

    respectfully I don't agree , my CZ 550's in 416 Rigby /404 Jeff and 458 Lott shoot moa with scopes all day long . excellent platforms and extremely accurate rifles.
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    Is the CZ 550 Gone or Not?

    Is it possible that you can scan and post this article please?
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    On the ocean or in the bush .

    On the ocean or in the bush .
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    On the ocean or in the bush.

    On the ocean or in the bush.
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    Picked up my .375 Ruger today!

    Congrats, they are excellent rifles . Love my Ruger Alaskan in 375
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    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    I have hunted with the famous Marius Goosen from @KMG Hunting Safaris
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    Vortex or Leupold for 375 H&H

    I am a Leupold fan , my choices would be Leupold VX3 in either 2,5-8x36 or the 3-10x40 . Both will work very well.
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    For Sale .450 Rigby CZ 550

    If you were in South Africa I would grab this rifle . Good luck with your sale .
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    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    416 (Rem or Rigby ) 375 either a .270 or a 300 for longer shots depending on the area you are hunting.
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    CRF 7x57mm

    I own one of 2 M70’s in 7x57 here in South Africa, beautiful rifles and i am in agreement with you to try pick one of them up in the US. I also own a CZ550 in 7x57 that i also am very fond of.
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    Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8x32 scope

    Great scope and as i have said here before its my go to scope for most of my bigger rifles .
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    Friends New 470NE

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    Barnes bullet expansion in large calibers (375 and up)

    I wish we could get Barnes bullets here again in South Africa , i would like to use the 300g in .416 as well as the 250g in .375
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    How many double rifles do you own?

    I have owned 2 : Merkel .470 Verney Carron .470 The Verney was a great double but i sold both of them and now don’t own a double. I also have no plans to repurchase another double at this point in time.