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    1. RickK
      Hi Jerome. I would like two of my agents to be able answer some of the questions on Deals/Offers. Is there anything special they need to do first?
    2. Rob404
      Hi Jerome, I have a problem with connecting to AH, I can load every website in my Favorites except AH I was on line with Century link for 3.5 hours last nite and they can't figure out why I can't connect, they say the problem is on your end.I can't load my Mac or PC or my I Phone the problem started last week can you ave someone take a peek and E-mail me so we can figure it out,,thanks Rob44
    3. SCI Houston
      SCI Houston
      Hi, Jerome. Anything new on the 4/24/14 report from DCH Hunting re: Juan Pace & JP BIg Game Hunts? He was at the SCI Convention & when SCI vets an outfitter & allows them on the floor that’s usually good enough for us. Reading the ensuing comments there’s not one corroborating report, just condolences on his experience & laments about PHASA ineffectiveness. Is this someone with an ax to grind or a real problem?
    4. Irmi
      Hi Jerome. I wanted to know if i am allowed to "advertise/market/mention" a game farm that is for sale in South-Africa on AH? The farm that i am managing is in the market and we are looking for local or international buyers and here I can reach a whole bunch of people.
        Feb 14, 2016
      2. Irmi
        Thank you very much. Will email you soon.
        Feb 15, 2016
    5. thriller
      Just saw that my post count has been fluctuating wildly. It went from about 300 to 6400 to 220 is now not a problem by me , but i have also been having some trouble using the quote system(says im forbidden). part of my day job is software testing so I just thought i would let you know that there is some sort of bug going on.
        Thank you thriller. I'm aware of the bug and just reseted the counter but the issue will persist until the developer fixes it. There is apparently a major version update coming up so hopefully that will resolve things. The quote problem may be a browser issue as I have not experienced anything like this. All the best, Jerome
        Jan 21, 2016
    6. Sully Al Harthy
      Sully Al Harthy is awesome
    7. Sully Al Harthy
      Sully Al Harthy
      Thanks for the welcoming in
    8. Gemsbok Gangsta
      Gemsbok Gangsta
      Heading over in May to hunt with Marius G and plan on using my 30-06 Tikka shooting 165 Nosler Accubonds. Kudu is the largest animal on my list. Any opinions??
      1. Steve Bosang likes this.
      2. Steve Bosang
        Steve Bosang
        use the biggest bullet weight possible- although we all know its shot placement, not the rifle etc..I have personally seen what a 180gr 30-06 Barnes Vor-tx can do(from my TIKKA) on a Blue Wildebeest and they are LETHAL..Heavy slower moving bullets seem to do well in Africa
        Jul 26, 2015
      3. Gemsbok Gangsta
        Gemsbok Gangsta
        Thanks Steve
        Jul 26, 2015
    9. Den
      Hi Jerome, not sure if you have heard, Qatar Airlines announced total embargo on hunting trophies today., let me know your thoughts on this
    10. BrokenArrow
      Hello Jerome. I joined your forum sometime ago, but have been really slow on actually participating. I just have to tell you (and everyone else) on this forum that it is one of the most awesome forums I have ever looked at! Lots of great information and people by the looks of it.
      1. siml likes this.
    11. chundoo
      Jerome, I saw a guest on NBC Today this morning state there is an elephant killed every 15 minutes. I did some calculations and if that were true (which it obviously isn't) that would completely wipe out the total population of elephants in Botswana in 136 days. I'm not sure how to combat such obvious false information but decided to reach out to you to see if you had any ideas.
    12. dtarin09
      Jerome is there way we can I instill a waiting period for new members for approval so we can minimize the number of trolls on the site. Could be temporary until some of this passes. Just trying to provide a solution.

    13. Mangwa Hunting Safaris
      Mangwa Hunting Safaris
      Hi Jerome, hope you doing well and that the hunting shows doing well on your side. With us its slow but a lot of interests. Jerome I want to find out what must I do and what's the cost to get ,my Hunting Company Mangwa Hunting Safaris logo and details on AH website on the top page or the side page please. Mail me at Regards Jacques Brits
      1. MLambrechts
        I also want to know!
        May 13, 2015
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