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    Videographers - your thoughts

    It is very much personal, but also hard to know if it’s for you till you try. When I did my first hunt two years ago I looked for the very same feedback you are now. Things that made me decide one way or the other. -if you have family you want to share with ( I had a large viewing at my house...
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    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I agree. Can’t go wrong. I did my first safari two years ago with Buzz and did Buff and plains game. Focused on Dugga boys and only took 3 other PG. It was every thing I hoped Africa could be. just trying to figure now how to save and get back!! Buying a double set that back alittle!
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    My 404 Jeffery

    Looks great!
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    ZAMBIA: Buffalo Hunting At Mbizi Safaris Game Reserve in Luangwa Valley

    Excellent write up! The way it should be. Reminds me Very much of my first hunt in Zim
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    Hello from BC, Canada

    Welcome, I feel like most fellow BC’er growing up with so much Crown land and access we are spoiled with huge tracts of land and no fences. And because of this most enjoy the same in Africa, the wild places as I call them. Yes it’ll cost you more then other places, but it is worth it 100%. I...
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    Fantastic Mallard Display

    Looks real good! That’s good work. As someone with more dead mounts then I care to admit, my only constructive criticism is just abit of the gravity. When you hang birds solo the head is normally always perfectly inline with the foot it’s hanging from! Once you see it you always notice it!
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    For Sale Heym Express Martini 404 Jeffery

    Beautiful 404!!! I was either going with the same rifle or a double. And I finally just pulled the trigger on a 450 no 2!
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    For Sale Searcy .577 Nitro Express Double Rifle

    Beautiful rifle! Someday dream of owning a .577 NE
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    Canada's boy king Bans Firearms - List of 1500

    More Double rifles listed on June 15th updated list. Heym, Searcy, Sabatti, Purdey, Verney Carron among others. We’ll see if it’s just the “over 10000 joules” calibers so the model of the gun itself. All bad. Some real dummies in the government that’s for sure. Even old classic English guns...
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  11. Hunt Cape Buffalo

    Hunt Cape Buffalo

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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    Wore my normal watch over there. Doxa 4000T. Alittle heavy but I have it on a Od green strap. I never even thought about theft, something while going through Johannesburg, my spidey senses were tingling, so I took of my wrist while going through security and put back on after. For no real...
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    ZIMBABWE: Stunning Hunt With Halsted Safaris In The Zambezi Valley Nyakasanga Section

    Hunted there in Sept 2018 and it was truly a wild place. What I hoped to still find in Africa, the old world experience! I was hunting with Buzz, from another camp, and we ran into another party hunting there and we had a very enjoyed lunch with Paulilo and 3 Americans(father and two sons) I...
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    Capstick "Death in the Long Grass" is superb

    For me it goes Ruark, Hemingway, Capstick. I read Hemingway first, then Ruark and lastly capsticks, Ruark seemed much more the humble man, willing to write his failures as they were, candidly. But Capstick was over the top bravado and sorry when I say this, his “personal” stories just reminded...
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    Dugga boy hunt video

    Thanks. I had wanted to buy some of the nicer ones you see online. But with a short time till I was going I decided to use a custom leather man I knew. He made me a nice belt and ammo pouch. Somehow I came up with the idea, I wanted some covered but also a couple for quick grab. Also you can...