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    375 Ruger vs 416 Ruger for an all-around rifle

    Well, I read thru the posts. There is a lot of good information and some less relevant asides. (Disclaimer: I've owned 338Wm (5), 375 Ruger (2), 416 Rigby (5), and a .510" wildcat built on one of the 375 Rugers. Currently, we have a 338 in the US and one in Africa, a 416Rigby in both, and a...
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    375 Ruger vs 375 HH

    Ammo-Guide lists both the 375 Ruger and the 375 H&H as recommending 62000 max-pressure (presumably in accord with SAAMI). Neither round should show any stickiness at those recommended pressures. Theoretically, the long taper of the H&H was designed for smooth extraction. However, nominal specs...
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    375 Ruger vs 375 HH

    I'm not sure about what this question is referring to. If the same velocities are produced with the same barrel length, then assuming equal bore quality, the Ruger will typically have lower pressure because it has a larger capacity. A larger capacity can use a slower powder, resulting in lower...
  4. Sighting-in of rifle

    Sighting-in of rifle

  5. Bullet Data & Performance

    Bullet Data & Performance

    Look carefully at the primers of the Rigby cases on the left. Nice. The 338 may be a tad hotter, a 225TTSX at 2835fps, but still smooth easy bolt lift and reasonable primers. We load to the old book levels of 4000ft#. The 338WM is a light Tikka and is probably as heavy a load as that action...
  6. Sighting-in of rifle

    Sighting-in of rifle

  7. Oribi Hunting

    Oribi Hunting

    Here is a 202-yard shot with the 416Rigby on a 35-pound oribi
  8. Hunt Impala

    Hunt Impala

  9. 350gn TSX Bullet Data & Performance

    350gn TSX Bullet Data & Performance

    Picture of a 350gn TSX shot into the face of a buffalo (70 yard) and recovered in the shoulder:
  10. Load of 350 gn TTSX in 416 Rigby

    Load of 350 gn TTSX in 416 Rigby

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    404 jeffery vs 416 Rigby

    Yes, quality bullets are fine in big bores these days. Of course, 6000 foot-pounds is easy for a 416Rigby. The impala shown in my post above was that way. Here is a shot of sighting-in a rifle in the bush, over the bonnet/hood of a vehicle. Before my son and I went out walking and looking for...
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    404 jeffery vs 416 Rigby

    As mentioned above, for only 2400fps and a 400gn bullet a person can use a 416Ruger. And I agree that heavier loads in a Rigby need some learning. See below. In my opinion, the main purpose in this century for getting a 416Rigby is to use the capacity for handloads. And handloads can avoid the...
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    375 Ruger vs 375 HH

    I partially agree on the WSM cartridges. However, the 375 Ruger is not a short fat cartridge and shouldn't be so compared. The 375 Ruger belongs to standard length actions that are used for the 7mmRM, 300WM, and 338WM. What's not to like? Those rounds are wildly popular and without complaints on...