ZKK602s in .375H&H Rifles

ZKK602s in .375H&H Rifles

I have shot ele with both these ZKK602s in .375H&H....also at night. I used handloads with 300 grain Rhino brass bullets....worked splendidly...those bullets penetrate deep..
The one to the left is a pre-1978 with that folding diopter..its been used hard for 30+ years in Botswana by a friend of mine..
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Beautiful. A BRNO ZKK-602 in .375 HH Magnum is the best factory rifle in the world for .375 HH Magnum. I don't need a pretty rifle ( although the ZKK-602 is very pretty in my opinion ) . I need an accurate , reliable , jam prone rifle that can save my bacon when l am hunting and up against Dangerous Game. And the ZKK-602 in .375 HH Magnum delivers that always.
For a Custom rifle , a Magnum caliber like .416 Rigby , .458 Lott , .500 Jeffery , .505 Gibbs or an 11.2 × 72 Schuler on a ZKK-602 action can't be beaten.

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