Zastava M70 Rifle

Zastava M70 Rifle

I had a Zastava M70 and couldn't fault it in any way.
I later fitted it with a Boyds stock, added a barrel-band sling swivel and had it reamed to .375Wby - not that it was needed, I just have a bit of a thing for Weatherby cartridges...
Zastava's are so underrated in my opinion.
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I like the barrel band sling stud, like a traditional Safari rifle
Who who did the barrel band? I’d like one for my CZ . I’ve seen a clamp on style but I would prefer to have it done properly. I figure they have to remove the front sight slide it on solder band, refit sight and re-Blue. For me that probably means posting the it to someone who specialises in this work.
The only Zastava I owned was in .308 but I have looked at a Remington 798 I think i have correct model. They are a Zastava action smoothed and assembled by Remington.
Hey mate,

Not sure what part of Oz you're in but I'm in Vic and I got Bob from Kudu Services to do mine.
He has done a bit of work for me in the past including customising a CZ550 .458 that turned out just magnificent.
I cant fault his work and I can't recommend him enough.
One thing to mention though is that although Bob does fantastic work, he... ahhhh.... lets just say he tells it how it is! He doesn't sugar coat things and he's old school.
But he's a great gunsmith (y)

Bob De Vries

Kudu Services
9 Currawong Rd
Vic, 3765

(03) 9728 5430
Thanks I in Broken Hill, postage , transfers would add to the expense , maybe outweigh the job cost
I have spoken with Bob on the phone, I was considering customising a Mk1 Ruger M77 to .458 bought a CZ in .458 and sold it to fund my .375, I didn’t need both but then they stopped making CZ,
I don’t need a custom, I just.want Safari rifle in my small functional collection of rifles.
The Ruger moved on.
A mate in Melbourne has met Bob and sort of described him, our local bloke is temperamental but has good days.
I think it’s how you approach it, ask a question listen and take the you can always change your mind outside.
There are some experts, salesman and tossers in some gun stores that would tell us shit so too. I guess saying it straight is ok if you know your subject and are accomplished and possibly tired of customers who think they know.
Thanks again Bob @ Kudu services have been recommended a few times when I have asked about Big Bore rifle work, that speaks for itself.

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