Zastava in 375 H&H Rifle
Mike Van Horn

Zastava in 375 H&H Rifle

Yea evidently that rifle is a hell of a shooter to put that nice of a stock on it
@Rob404 Yes, I have two Whitworths. One factory Safari in .375, but the previous owner had it steel epoxy bedded and the bolt and magazine follower jeweled. The jeweling is just "bling", but I believe the action was "smoothed" out as it is smooth as glass. It's very accurate to 100 yards with the express sights (no scope yet). My other Whitworth "custom" in .416 Taylor has a custom stock with the magazine belly deepened as it holds four .416s and has a "F.R.Wells" (I wish I knew who this is?) custom 22" barrel with V sight rear and hooded front sight. It's action and trigger (really, almost too light?) are smooth as glass. It shoots very well at 50 meters (no scope). The actions of both of these are smoother than my two CZs, but I really love my CZs too. Anyway, I would buy the Zastavas', Mark Xs and Whitworths every day, all day long for the price and their quality!
Thanks guys
It still had the shipping grease on the triggers, in fact the set trigger wouldn't work at all, after a good cleaning and on the bolt both work fine. Had the Zastava recoil pad on it also. I am thinking it is original
It doesn't have that hard recoil pad anymore though!!
Have a friend with a Whitworth in 300 H&H with a stock that is much the same. Bought the rifle new
@Mike Van Horn I think the actions just need to be worked a bit. I mean these are not long range moa rifles. Even the triggers don't HAVE to be completely creep free. The double set triggers on my CZs are useless for hunting. Who would set a hair trigger for hunting? Sure, very smooth but only practical for target/scope sighting in from the bench. I went to the range last Wed. and shot my new (to me) CZ Lott. I set the trigger, but I had shooting gloves on and fired the rifle prematurely, but at least had the stock to my shoulder. Not good! I put a slip on Limbsaver recoil pad over the factory pads on my rifles as I need the extra LOP AND the recoil is reduced significantly. Just my two centavos!
Hi nice rifle got the same one but older, been thinking of refurbishing the old girl culd you tell me what scope rings and bases are you using
And how you find your leupold vx5?

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