Youngest with his Savage 110 in 30/06 Rifle

So my youngest had a big day Thursday. He turned 18. Most are excited for this because they are considered an “adult”. My son, he could really care less with two exceptions. 1) getting to vote which he’s very excited about and 2) being able to buy rifles, shotguns, and ammo on his own. He celebrated his 18th B-day exercising his 2nd Amendment right. He’s wanted a new general hunting rifle for quite a while, he was excited about getting to buy his own and not use a hand me down (not that he doesn’t appreciate tradition). So we went to Gander and after looking at every rifle in his price range in the store twice, he settled on a Savage 110 in 30/06. He’s a happy camper, and is already talking about dropping it in a chassis. Like father like son :LOL:. He’s just gotten to where he can briefly stand on his foot post op so he refused to have his scooter in the pic. Next weekend he’s headed down to the ranch to get the rifle zeroed and maybe shoot a doe before season closes. I haven’t seen him this excited in a while and it’s well deserved after the hell hes been through recently.

Youngest with his Savage 110 in 30/06 Rifle
gizmo, Jan 17, 2020
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