WR 318 Cogswell & Harrison
Red Leg

WR 318 Cogswell & Harrison

Just amazing to me. Only the Brits could turn a big ugly P-14 action into something that elegant.
Red Leg are all of the rifles you recently posted yours? If so, I'd like to see the entire collection some day. Beautiful old guns, how do you choose which one(s) to use?
@Shootist43 Yes, I have a few.
And you point out a major issue with this sort of madness. At my age, I could start moving them on to the next generation of caretakers, but they also represent a fairly secure investment for my spouse. Even allowing an auction house's 20% seller's premium, my blushing widow will do just fine.
WOW!! My four gun safes are full (100) long guns and about 70 handguns, but they surely do not look as "cool" as the ones in your gunroom. I'm almost 75, my frau has often said that when I kick the bucket she is going to sell all of them and go on a trip to Hawaii. For that reason, only my sons have the combinations to the safes!!
@sestoppelman have been invited to King Ranch next month for two days of quail shooting and a day chasing Nigai. I think I'll bring this rifle.
I hunted nilgai there many years ago when it was first opened to the general public. You’ll have a blast. Good luck.

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