Woodleigh HD bullets 300gr .375 Bullet Performance

3 x Woodleigh HD bullets 300gr .375 @ 2470FPS Left Blue wildebeest frontal range 110meters Middle Buffalo cow Side on entry shoulder and found under the other skin opsosite shoulder range 70 meters Right Blue wildebeest side on shoulder to shoulder found under skin range 140 meters What I love about the bullets is that they all stopped at the canelure they all opened nicely yes they don't have 100% retension but those bits and pieces that broke up made more damage all energy was trasfered inside the animal and this loads hits like the hammer of Thor. The one wildebeest ran only 30 meters the other dropped on the spot without hitting spine or neck. Buffalo cow only managed 25 meters before going down. All one shot kills what more do you want?

Woodleigh HD bullets 300gr .375 Bullet Performance
Frederik, Jan 15, 2020
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