Woodleigh HD 300gr in 375 Bullet Performance

Woodleigh HD 300gr in 375 Bullet Performance

All 3 Woodleigh HD 300gr in 375 velocity 2470fps
Left to right Buffalo cow shoulder to shoulder found under opposite skin range 70 meters, buffalo fell 25 meters after the shot.
Blue wildebeest frontal shot found in rumen range 120 meters, dropped right there
Blue wildebeest Shoulder to shoulder found under skin range 150 meters, shot was a bit low clipped bottom of heart beest managed 60 meters before falling over.
They might not have the perfect mushroom but the trauma they cause inside is amazing and they do not break open past the cannelure. I'm very happy with them but please note this is the HD bullet made for the faster 375 velocity not the normal standard woodleigh soft.
All these animals were one shot kills.
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