Woodleigh 500gr RNSN expansion

Before and after. The mushroomed projectile was retrieved after a 35yd broadside shot on a cape buffalo, from the off shoulder. 1 shot kill. Retained weight was 497.7gr. Perfect!

Woodleigh 500gr RNSN expansion
Timbo, May 21, 2019
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    • Foxi
      which caliber ? How far was the penetration ?
    • Timbo
      @Foxi I used my Interarms Mauser No.X in 458 Win Mag. Penetration went right through the chest: bullet entered the left shoulder and was found just under the skin of the right. I load 72gr of AH2206H powder, and use either Woody 500gr RNSN OR FMJs (identical SDs, with BCs of .328 and .325 respectively). This load is very accurate and has a MV of around 2130fps.
    • Foxi
      thank you.
      A .458 is a rock
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    • Timbo
      @Foxi GREAT music!! Thanks!! (y)
    • Daga Boy
      That's great performance.
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    May 21, 2019
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