William Wellington Greener 12 Bore hammerless side by side shotgun
Major Khan

William Wellington Greener 12 Bore hammerless side by side shotgun

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It is great to see such a nice conditioned Greener side by side shot gun ....I am fortunate to own myself a very nice condition Greener side x side 12ga shot gun as well ...I bought it to use as the base for a Nitro Express .450 nr 2 Eley double rifle building project...on the end Johan Greyling persuaded me not to use this great shot gun as a donor action to build a double rifle on..rather use a CZ Special edition Poldi 12 ga or if possible to get in hand a CZ 16 ga special edition Poldi shot gun action that has all the safety features needed to build a double rifle on...

This is the history of my Greener 12ga side x side shot gun as received from the Greener company..."
W W Greener gun no. 75541 was started on 5th September 1950 and finished on 7th January 1952. It is an Empire ejector model, a 1`2 bore choked full and full. Stock dimensions when made were 2-1/4 by 1-1/2 by 14-1/2 inches and 1/8 of an inch normal cast., half pistol hand. It weighed 7lbs 12oz and was sold to the ‘Overseas Farmers Co-op. Company’"
Why thank you so much , Gert !
This 12 Bore W W Greener double barreled side by side shot gun actually is the property of a good friend of mine named Riaz Sharrif . His father had originally purchased it from Manton & Co. in Calcutta , before transferring the license of the shot gun to Riaz's name ( Thus , making Riaz the owner of the shot gun ) .
Riaz is a retired professional shikaree ( just like I used to be ) . He and I used to work for the same outfitters ( Allwyn Cooper Limited ) .
Riaz has been using this shot gun non stop since the last 68 years ( He is currently 78 years old ) . He has even used it to dispatch 4 forest panthers ( 2 of which were man eaters ) . He did so , by utilizing 2.75 inch Eley Alphamax LG cartridges ( which hold 8 pellets to the cartridge ) .
Riaz's shot gun has 2.75 inch chambers , automatic ejectors , double triggers and 28 inch barrels . The left barrel is a modified choke ( 0.5 choke ) . The right barrel is a cylinder choke ( 0.00 choke )
It weighs 7 pounds .

By the way ... May I ask you a question , since you are from Africa ? How is the South African company , " Industrial Cartridges " ? Are their LG cartridges any good ?
@Major Khan , I believe any South African ammunition manufacturing company makes high end quality products, keep in mind there was a time that the Sout African ammunition companies had to provide our National Defence Force with ammunition during the Bush war from 1976 to 1994 when the war ended...so our companies are probably some of the best manufacturers of ammo to date...

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