Whitetail Hunt

Whitetail Hunt

The 11 point whitetail buck that I took in Nov 2010 on the exact same date as the 10 point from the year before. I consider this my "hard luck buck". A friend and I drove from Michigan to South Texas (30 miles from Mexico) for me to buy a new truck. From there, we rode 10 hours back up to North Texas to spend the evening in Fort Worth and check out the stockyards. While we were in Ft. Worth, one of the trucks was broken into and, by some miracle, they criminals left all my guns and hunting equipment and just stole some electronics. We then drove the 3 hours to where I would be hunting. On the 3rd day, I shot at a nice buck and just plain missed, we all do it eventually. This nice 11 point didn't show up until 5 and a half day through a 4 day hunt. Was a long process to get him but it pays to hunt with a landowner that wants you to get your buck!
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