Weatherby Rifle Cabinet
Beautiful, congrats. I am a huge Weatherby fan and have some real nice Japanese made Weatherby :). Any additional details, calibers, etc???
As for my German Weatherbys, I have the following calibers: .22, 22-250, .224wby, .240wby, .257wby, .270wby, 7mm/wby, 30-06, 300wby, 340wby, 375wby, .378wby & .460wby. I have new Swaro's on all of them. Except for a couple European calibers, I think that's all of the ones made in WG. The .22 is a Weatherby/Anshutz join venture. I just hope when I die, my wife doesn't sell them for what I told her I paid for them!
Beautiful congratulations, and thank you for the details! BTW, I can be adopted. LOL!!!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
LOL! Looks like you may have spent some time on the Dark Continent also. What do you like to use for DG or Plains? I've been advised to bring my 7wbm and a shotgun next time for Springbuck Grand Slam and more of the tiny 10. PH want me to schedule a trip for Lord Darby and Bongo, but the market will need to keep going up for that to happen!
I haven't done any DG hunts yet, but that is about to change next year. I'll be hunting a lioness with Hans De Clerk Safaris in the Kalahari. On my first and only trip to SA, I took my 300 Wby Vanguard with 180 grs Accubonds reloads. For this next trip, I'm planning on taking my CZ-550 375 H&H customized by AHR. Working on load using 260 grs Accubond. I'm a big Accubond fan. :)

The 7mm Wby would be a great choice. BTW, I have a stainless Mark V in 7mm Wby that is my fowl weather hunting rifle here in GA. I also have a MK-V Deluxe too. ;)

I own 240 (9 lugs), 257, 270, 7mm, 300 and 6.5-300 Weatherby, and a 280 synthetic & a 223 Accumark. All except the 6.5-300 are Deluxe and synthetic. I own two rifles of each Weatherby caliber. Yes, I hope my wife doesn't sell them for what I said I paid too. LOL!!!!

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