Weatherby Mark V true stainless earlier model Rifles
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Weatherby Mark V true stainless earlier model Rifles

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Both are Weatherby Mark V true stainless earlier models (not the current silver coated carbon steel Weathermark); 26" #2 contour barrels; earlier stainless steel bottoms (not the current pot-metal cast bottoms); Bell & Carlson Medalist Kevlar & Aramid stocks with full length aluminum bedding block and pillars (not the original 'Tupperware' injection molded stocks); drilled & tapped for 8x40 base screws; and both have Zeiss Diavari Z 2.5-10x48 30 mm tube scopes in Talley bases and Talley Screw Lock Detachable rings.

Yeah, I too prefer linseed oil hand-rubbed walnut and rust-blue custom guns, and I have some pretty nice ones, but I had French walnut turn into a warped, gray plank, and rust-blue turn into plain rust after 3 days of uninterrupted rain in a fly camp in Newfoundland; and I had a $10,000 custom Griffin & Howe rifle turn into a stack of kindle wood and scrap metal during airport handling. So, relatively inexpensive stainless and Kevlar it is for me. Some say the Weatherby stocks accentuate recoil and are ugly. I have not found so.

Both rifles share what are practically the same ballistics:
.257 Wby with 100 gr TTSX sighted for 8" vitals (small & medium game): +3" @ 100 yd; +4" @ 200 yd ; +2.5" @ 300 yd; -4" @ 400 yd.
.340 Wby with 225 gr TTSX sighted for 12" to 18" vitals (large game): +4" @ 100 yd; +5.5" @ 200 yd ; +2.5 @ 300 yd; -6" @ 400 yd.

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