We Just Want to Eat Lunch!

We Just Want to Eat Lunch!

My son Chad and I were taking a lunch break after a morning of hard work on the ranch.
We have a feeder set up about a hundred yards from the house so we can watch the deer and anything else that decides to come in.
We had just sat down to eat when I looked up and there is a whole pack of hogs under the feeder. Chad jumps up, grabs the gun and BOOM! One less pest on the ranch.
We decided to let it lay until we finished our lunch and had just sat down when I looked up and there they are AGAIN! Chad once again, grabs the gun and BOOM. One more pest gone.
Now, everyone is always talking about how smart hogs are but I think this bunch was playing hooky on the "if you hear a boom and one of your friends drops dead, don't go back" class, because believe it or not....they came back AGAIN! Chad grabs the gun (again) and now there are three pigs laying under the feeder.
I guess they finally decided this wasn't the best place for an afternoon snack and decided to move on. Leaving us to enjoy a nice, peaceful lunch without fiurther incidence.

Here's Chad with the lunch menu (Three little pigs)
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