Vintage Sporting Mauser Rifle

Vintage Sporting Mauser Rifle

This is a rifle I've had sitting around that I thought someone on here would enjoy.

It clearly was built as a sporting rifle, not a military converted weapon. It's chambered for 8x57 JS, (.323" bullet) I took a chamber cast and a cast of the muzzle to verify those facts today.

The maker isn't marked, but it looks very much like some Simson rifles I've seen.

Features: Nicely engraved bottom metal and action. FULL LENGTH matted barrel rib. Standing and folding rear sights. Claw mounts. Horn grip cap. Standard and Set trigger. Schabel forend tip. Nice cheek piece. Decent checkering. Smooth action. Shiny bore. Weight of 6lbs 14oz. In the absence of a measuring tape, I'm guessing 24" barrel and 14" length of pull.

It would make a nice stalking rifle, The full-length rib allows the gun to have a lighter barrel while still providing rigidity.

Known issues: The barrel is shiny and I see no pits, but when I cleaned it the rifling grooves continue to weep needs a good cleaning regimen. The tiny screw that controls the set trigger adjustment has fallen out. You need a small screw to tune the set trigger. (Regular trigger works fine) It's missing the rear sling stud in the stock. (on ebay $5) It is missing a standard secondary locking bottom metal screw. (on ebay $8) The stock has a variety of dings in it. A steaming of the stock dents, cleaning the checkering, and some stock oil would be a nice thing for the new owner to do.
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