vintage 1967 ADL Rifle

vintage 1967 ADL Rifle

My first bolt action was a 700 ADL in .308, which I sold sadly many years ago. I recently acquired this rifle, same vintage 1967, as my first in the same caliber, also ADL. Who would think it would be a hard rifle to find in .308 Win?! But it is very scarce.
It may not be the exact same year, but within a year or so. I bought my first in 1968 in Sitka, but I don't know how long it was up on the wall in the shop. I probably have the SN written down somewhere, I could find out.
@sestoppelman No, it’s really great. I remember there were really only Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Savage and Marlin rifles available in the mid 70s in the U.S. for a working man’s affordability? Believe it or not, my first centerfire rifle as a skinny 18 yoa,, was a Marlin .444! Needless to say, the recoil was too much for me, so I traded it for a Winchester .270 which I still have. I did really like the looks and feel of that Marlin though!

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