Verney Carron 450/400 "3" Double Rifle

Time has been on the short end when looking at my "to do list" lately. I have so many plans & want for DG & PG hunts, the invites come knocking more often at never to be repeated offers, its almost sickening! Not that I'm complaining about the opportunities, but rather the ever rushing deadlines & meetings bestowed upon us normal working to survive class people. a 10 day hunt is out of the question, heck even 5 days without a laptop or phone is pushing it! Nothing ever fits into my schedule. But... the year is on its head, 2018 is upon us & time for a new strategy. What better way to effect the changes than to acquire a new tool to ease the task at hand? (thanks to my lovely wife that put the the plan into alignment) Behold my new pride & Joy! My first ever DR & the beginning of a new learning curve. Fire away with suggestions & opinions.

Verney Carron 450/400 "3" Double Rifle
Jaws, Nov 23, 2017
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    Nov 23, 2017
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