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  • M.K. Owens 4 Bore Rifle
    Very nice there KIDD! - Owen regulated my .470NE; that man certainly knows his powder & lead! Really humble guy and pleasure to talk to also.
  • Poaching Zambia
    Unbelievable, taken by a poacher
  • Grandson first hunting license
    That’s great, it’s just a way of life. We have some public land but mostly private. Most of our hunting would be introduced species most of which...
  • Grandson first hunting license
    I think I took my first deer at 14, my first buck at 18. My 2 kids both started killing bucks at 12. Nearly all on public land here in Colorado
  • Grandson first hunting license
    Mate , I was like in my 40s when I got my first deer, My mate a long time shooter, now a keen deer hunter was 48 when he got going. Different...