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  1. Gerleak77
    New to this forum , interested in this firearm . Thx a lot
  2. 6.8KLR
    Nice, I have an Ruger #1 in a .338 Win Mag.With the 250 grain TTSX. . that is the best in .338 Win. Mag …….awesome with the .250 grain BarnesTTSX. Just Killer.
  3. Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Can't complain about that, may be 1 click left.
  4. CoElkHunter
    @Mike Van Horn I think the actions just need to be worked a bit. I mean these are not long range moa rifles. Even the triggers don't HAVE to be completely creep free. The double set triggers on...
  5. Mike Van Horn
    Thanks guys It still had the shipping grease on the triggers, in fact the set trigger wouldn't work at all, after a good cleaning and on the bolt both work fine. Had the Zastava recoil pad on it...
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