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  1. TOBY458
    I may give one of them a try then! The Hogue factory stock feels ok, but just doesn't look very nice. Plus mine is scratched up quite a bit from what looks like it's been drug through the thorns....
  2. ldmay375
    @TOBY458 This is how mine was listed at HS Precision. The Decelerator pad and this particular paint was extra. Sporter Stock, Ruger M77-MK2
  3. ldmay375
    @TOBY458 When I talked with HS Precision they said they would fit. You might have to open up the channel a tad, but doubt it. I think they make them for the largest contour. Which the 375 & 416...
  4. TOBY458
    I found an H-S Precision Ruger stock on the Stockeys website for $399.00. It says for long action Ruger M77 MK2, but not sure what barrel contour it will accept. It's green with black webbing.
  5. ldmay375
    @TOBY458 Your welcome, no problem with sharing info. Lead time is Substantially shorter than McMillan. Unless you just happen to get lucky and McMillan is molding a run of what you ordered. My...
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