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  1. chashardy
    Damn nice buffalo!
  2. CBH Australia
    You can buy a full can at stores. Prices vary. Partly availability some stores seem to be pricey if you know the market. We have big stores doing deals , Country stores making an honest living and...
  3. BeeMaa
    The 50 cal cans were $15 each and the 30mm were $40. The cans were used in the US military and are now considered surplus. They come in various conditions, the ones I picked up were the best I've...
  4. CBH Australia
    I like that idea. I have timber floors in my house but my reloading space is in the shed. I might place an application to redevelop a room inside. Kids moved out it’s fair game. As for ammo cans...
  5. BeeMaa
    Thank you sir. I had 4 of the 50 caliber cans to begin with. Just seem to be running out of space...go figure.

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