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  • R8 Blaser Rifle
    I can not believe how light this rifle feels after having my safari model for so long. Looking forward to the first few shots.
  • R8 Blaser Rifle
    Sweet setup!
  • DGX Bonded Bullet Performance
    I am glad that Hornady has finally woken up from its slumber and is making bonded bullets for DG. Restweight from over 80% is pefect. I like the...
  • 1943 Mauser Oberndorf Sporting Rifle
    If you ever decide that you don't want this rifle anymore, I want "first dibs."
  • 1943 Mauser Oberndorf Sporting Rifle
    I do. A buddy of mine bought an old duplex for rental purposes and found 3 rifles rotting in a closet. He kept a Garand and gave me the Mauser. It...