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Holland and Rigby

Holland and Rigby

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  • .375Ex Lee-Speed Enfield Rifle
    Von Gruff is about the only guy I can recall that has mentioned Lee Speed rifles. I think his main interest in them is making stocks for them by...
  • .375Ex Lee-Speed Enfield Rifle
    Not sure how this got here or how this works, I posted this on a thread & now it is here to ? @Shootist43 it is a Beesley of London & the .375 Ex...
  • .404 Jeffery Rifle
    I didn't. Maybe my comment on recoil in the main thread was confusing. The M600 Magnum Carbine pictured is an original configuration (unmolested)...
  • .404 Jeffery Rifle
    How did you get a .404J cartridge to fit in that action? The .350 or 6.5 Remington Mag cartridges were much shorter?
  • .375Ex Lee-Speed Enfield Rifle
    Lovely bit of gear Sarg,,,,can you PM me, I have a lot of questions ? Roger