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  1. Bailey Bradshaw
    @tarbe Aaron use to work for me/ with me for 3 years right after he graduated. I knew early on that I was to steward him towards going out on his own. He was way to talented and worth more than I...
  2. ActionBob
    I had 2 sets made, but they painted both. Once the mold is made,,, ;)
  3. Edge
    Like those tusk racks, now only if I can find a warthog or 3 worthy of shooting, my nemesis!
  4. Edge
    @ActionBob I like your train of thought. I should have had them make two sets, one they painted and a second pair “in the white”! My daughter is a fantastic artist and probably could have...
  5. ActionBob
    @Edge they did mine as well and I'm pleased with them. One big regret I have is that I should have tried to buy the molds. My MN taxidermist is a real artist and could possibly have even improved...
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