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  1. sestoppelman
    When I lived in the hill country in Idaho in the 70's, one of those buggers charged my brown truck one day while I was out cutting firewood! I got the heck outa there! I should think that's a big...
  2. 6.8KLR
    I have been hunting with a .338 Win Mag. Ruger No.1 for about 30 years …..Truly a treasure.
  3. ActionBob
    I'd have JJ Peridot drill and tap and mount sights. Including an ivory front;)
  4. HWL
    My next trip to RSA is a black powder only hunt.... I will load the .450 as an .450 Black Powder Express with lead bullets and the shotgun with 12 ga black powder loads. ...also some BP slugs....
  5. ActionBob
    Wow that is cool! Any plans to hunt with it?
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