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  1. edward
  2. Badboymelvin
    @CBH Australia Yeah, I know... that rifle should've been a keeper... But in my defence I only sold it because a Winchester M70 in .458 came up for sale and I just LOVE M70's! This particular...
  3. Badboymelvin
    @CoElkHunter Definitely load long in the CZ mate. If you've got the mag length you might as well use it! On the Accurate Reloading forum there is a thread on the .458WM that is like 150 or so...
  4. CBH Australia
    You had it sorted and sold it, crazy. I only have the one big bore and need to give it some more use.
  5. CoElkHunter
    Beautiful rifle! I’m going to try and extend out the Barnes 450 and 500gr bullets in the WM case and see what happens in my CZ? When I loaded 350 Speer Mag tips, I was apprehensive about how short...
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