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  • 450 Rigby Rifle
    As I am 81years old, I don't need my dangerous game rifles. Do you allow advertising guns for sale or do you know of a reputable site to advertise...
  • 404 Jeffery Rifle & Ammunition
    A lot of work and quality components gone into that rifle , a real work of art , you have a really nice rifle . Thank you for sharing the photo...
  • 404 Jeffery Rifle & Ammunition
    Yesterday I found the old invoice from Wayne in my '404 Jeffrey' satchel. It contains all my .404 paper work, load notes, and even a reprint of...
  • 404 Jeffery Rifle & Ammunition
    Thanks for the info Jack , great looking wood too , what wood is it ? I have a semi custom CZ550 in 416 Rigby but not as beautiful as yours , I...