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  1. edward
    nice seeing a handgun kill.
  2. Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    The two rifles are American made Enfields a P14 and M17. They are front locking as opposed to the Lee Enfield which is rear locking. Bob
  3. Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    CoElkHunter In my P14 it actually out does the 25/06. The chronoed velocities are 100 grain Barnes TTSX 3,670 fps 115grain nosler combined technology silver tip 3,360. In my son's SMLE NO4...
  4. CoElkHunter
    Similar to a .25-06?
  5. Dinosaur
    @Kevin Peacocke I look forward to the finished pics, plus one of the little Landy with a Sable on board (y) Regards Rob

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