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  1. Foxi
    Wow.Awesome hairstyle.The 70s were awesome. If you would see my pictures from back then, boy boy :sleep::sleep: Hairdressers had not much to do in this time
  2. CoElkHunter
    You now might just burn in H*** for not breaking that barrel in! Ha! Ha! Ha! Nice group though with open sights!
  3. Gemsbok45
    Great Cat!Wish we could bring into US!
  4. ufg8r93
    I have her "ballistic sister" in 7mm-08. Also shoots sub-MOA with Nosler ammo. Good enough that I haven't even tried to work up a load for her. Killed my 160 lb south GA boar with her a few weeks...
  5. Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    My dear friend Panther Shooter Both yourself and friend Rahman look to be stapping young men. I like fathers choice of weapon. The A5 humpback is a very nice shotgun.
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