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  • Grandson first hunting license
    Outstanding! Congrats and good luck! His smile is priceless!
  • John Rigby & Co. catalog page from 1974
    First bolt action rifle, 350 mg or 416 - That knob at the root of the barrel, right after the action, is it a scope mount base ?
  • Trophy Room
    Looks great. I am just a little concerned about the zebra right on the floor heater. Will that hurt the mount?
  • Umdende Hunting Safaris
    OMG Shockey shot his neighbors house cat....Bullseye Jimbo I hate cats!
  • AHR .416 Ruger Rifle
    I have decided I will sell this. I have a new AHR on the way. I am keeping the rings now. Great all weather rifle for Alaska or Africa.