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  1. Felipe
    Me encantarĂ­a saber los detalles
  2. Von Gruff
    @PARA45 you should see the rest of the shop
  3. PARA45
    That gun shop ammo shelves looks better than the ones here in the US. :ROFLMAO::LOL:
  4. CBH Australia
    Thanks I in Broken Hill, postage , transfers would add to the expense , maybe outweigh the job cost I have spoken with Bob on the phone, I was considering customising a Mk1 Ruger M77 to .458...
  5. Badboymelvin
    Hey mate, Not sure what part of Oz you're in but I'm in Vic and I got Bob from Kudu Services to do mine. He has done a bit of work for me in the past including customising a CZ550 .458 that...
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