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  1. flatwater bill probably should trade that gun off. I have a nice Remington I can let go of......................Ferlach is my favorite rifle maker...........thanks for posting.....FWB
  2. edward
    @Ridgewalker i already did,2014 my wife and i hunted with spear safaris for our third time.we got our hippo,sable,and our 2nd cape bull.63 yards,one shot complete pass using the 286 gr...
  3. leslie hetrick
    you mean a sako split its stock, the walk on water crowd ain,t going to like that. just kidding, don,t fire it until you get it fixed. a good smith will be able to fix it so it don,t split...
  4. Ridgewalker
    So Edward, when are you going to try it on a buffalo?:D
  5. Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris
    not to be funny that is a flat skin back skin would be what is left if you did a cape/shoulder mount so its the back half of that
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