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  • 505 Gibbs Rifle
    Do a search here for .505 Gibbs. I just did and there are several owners who have apparently reloaded the Gibbs. Maybe they have some insight for you.
  • 505 Gibbs Rifle
    Maybe you should start a thread under reloading here and ask other Gibbs owners what their loading data consists of? It’s a small percentage of...
  • 505 Gibbs Rifle
    Yes. That is because I dont want the velocity to be more than 2200-2250. If I can handle, which will be ridiculous, yes there are powders that...
  • 505 Gibbs Rifle
    Wow! That’s an interesting reloading conundrum?
  • 505 Gibbs Rifle
    Developing load for this one is a challenge. It can hold up to 160gr of powder slightly compressed. With 25 inch barrel you can not burn all the...